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[Registration] I try to register, but the form gives me an error
It is likely that you already registered for this section with this e-mail address. To avoid confusion, we allow only one registration per section per e-mail address. If you made a mistake in your registration, please contact us, and we’ll change your registration. 

[Registration] I made an error in my registration
Please let us know by e-mail, and we’ll fix your registration. 

[Main section, Solo/Duo, New Art Section]  What should I do after I register?
We will send you a confirmation e-mail with an overview of your registration details. In this mail we will also request you to upload the required presentation material to our Art Rotterdam Wetransfer channel. These requests will be direct links that will automatically fill in your registration number and required materials, so all you have to do is browse to the correct files and upload them.

[Projections] How to use the Dropbox folder when you are already using the Dropbox application?
If you accept our invitation, you will see the folder ‘ART ROTTERDAM – your name’ amongst your other Dropbox folders. You can simply open it, and copy-paste your video files in it. Please be aware that it may take a considerable amount of time to synchronize large video files with Dropbox. 

[Projections] How to use the Dropbox folder if you are not using the Dropbox application?
If you do not use the Dropbox application or app, you will open up a web browser when you click the link in our invitation e-mail. It may be wise to bookmark it, so you can easily find it again. You can drop your videofiles directly into this webpage to start the upload, or use the ‘upload’ option on the upper right to select the files. Please be aware that it may take a considerable amount of time to synchronize large video files with Dropbox.

[Projections] Why does it take so long for my files to be synchronized?
Typically, high quality video files may vary between 2 gigabyte and around 8 gigabyte in size. When you put your files into our shared folder, they have to be uploaded first before Art Rotterdam can access them. Depending on the speed of your internet connection this may take up to a day. If you use the Dropbox application, the uploading will take place in the background, so you don’t have to worry about it. If you are using the internet browser solution, please note that you have to keep it open all the time until the folder is synchronized.

[Projections] Do I need an internet connection to upload my video’s to my Dropbox folder?
Yes, you do. Preferably a fast one as well. Putting files into our shared folder will upload them to ‘the cloud’, so the Art Rotterdam team can access them.

[Projections] Will other people be able to see the content of the Dropbox folder?
No, definitely not. Only you and the Art Rotterdam team can see these files. We do not share these folders with anyone, and nor can you. If you want another person in your gallery to handle the uploads, please send us their e-mail address, so we can share the folder with them. 

[Projections] What happens next when I upload my video to the Dropbox folder?
We have set up an Art Rotterdam Vimeo channel for our jury members. Only they can access this channel, and they aren’t even allowed to share the link to your video. It is not in any way public or shareable. Our Vimeo channel has access to our Dropbox account, and will try to convert your video’s automatically to this Vimeo channel. Some formats cannot be easily converted to Vimeo, so we will constantly keep an eye out to ensure we will present the best quality available to our jury.

[Projections] Using Dropbox is too much of a hassle for me. Can you help me out?
Yes, we can! Please send us a note on, and we’ll contact you to figure out a way to get your video to the Art Rotterdam team. We then will carefully convert your video to the best possible quality and add it to our Art Rotterdam Jury – Vimeo channel. We have to ask a fee of €90,- excluding VAT for this, but it certainly is your easiest way to send in your video.

Covid proof

The last Art Rotterdam summer edition 2021 was completely covid proof according to the guidelines of the Dutch government. Therefore, no infections have occurred. The coming February edition offers once again a safe and pleasant stay for participants and visitors in accordance with the latest guidelines from the Dutch government.

Art Rotterdam will take place in February as always. Art Rotterdam offers participants and visitors a safe stay according to the Dutch government guidelines. In the unlikely event a new lockdown and/or ban on events takes place, the February edition will be postponed to a suitable alternative date in 2022. In this case, registrations/participations are automatically valid on the alternative date.

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