Prospects: 12th edition

Prospects 2022, photographer Almicheal Fraay

Prospects is an initiative of the Mondriaan Fund that showcases work by 86 artists who received financial support in 2022 to launch their careers. The work on display ranges from photography to textile works, video to paintings and performances to sculptures. The exhibition is curated by Johan Gustavsson in collaboration with curator Louise Bjeldbak Henriksen, who explains, "During the 12th edition of Prospects, visitors will encounter work by 86 talented artists. Together these works of art provide a captivating snapshot of the development of contemporary art in the Netherlands. We appreciate the close collaboration with so many extraordinary artists and although the works of art vary widely in media and form, these artists all share an enthusiasm for what they do. This edition, the last at the iconic Van Nelle Factory, showcases artwork that is intimate and distinctive and explores such themes as identity, relationships, our interconnectedness with nature and other living beings - essential elements of what it means to be human. The work encompasses the universal aspects of existence."

Prospects curators Johan Gustavsson & Louise Bjeldbak Henriksen, photographer: Jonna

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